Popular Dental Trends to Avoid

With the popularity of social media and popular trends that can be seen in short clips on apps such as TikTok, it seems that more people than ever are trying ideas that are posted by strangers instead of listening to medical professionals. Dental trends are no different, and there are some trends and tips being recommended that are not healthy for your teeth and oral health. In fact, in many cases, these dental trends can cause irreversible damage to your teeth. We want to take a moment and share some dental trends to avoid.

The best way to ensure a speedy recovery after dental treatment

Do you have an upcoming appointment scheduled to receive needed treatment? We are happy to see that so many of our patients have scheduled appointments before the end of the year. Don’t forget, if you need a treatment, be sure to take advantage of your dental insurance benefits before they expire at the end of the year. For anyone who has a treatment scheduled, we cannot stress enough the importance of following any post-treatment care instructions we give you. We would hate for you to cause any serious harm to your oral health. Continue reading to learn more.

Two Holidays In One Month!?

Do you love the fall? We don’t know what’s not to love as this season is filled with football game fun, pumpkin picking, delicious treats and Halloween festivities for our old and young patients. Our hope is that the delicious fall treats you enjoy now don’t play any tricks on your oral health in the future. Not only is Halloween celebrated during October, but it is also the month that we recognize Dental Hygiene Month. It is the perfect time to merge two holidays — overindulging in sweets and celebrating the importance of caring for your teeth. We have created some helpful tips to ensure that your teeth remain healthy this fall. Read on to learn more.

It is Never too Late to Get the Dental Care You Need

Does it upset you to think about the state of your oral health? Have you been avoiding the dentist because you are ashamed of the condition of your teeth or haven’t visited the dentist in some time? At Integrity Dental, we want you to know that it is never too late to get the care you need for your teeth and we will never judge or make you feel poorly for the state of your oral health. We welcome any and all patients with open arms. If you have not visited the dentist within the past six months, we encourage you to schedule an appointment today. We can help you get not only the structural dental care you may need, but we can also give you the smile of your dreams.

Healthy Foods for a Healthy Mouth

Summer is a time to enjoy plenty of delicious foods and drinks when you are on vacation, at a party or summer cookout, or simply enjoying some time at home. Even though foods and drinks might taste delicious, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are healthy for your teeth. In fact, many of the foods that many patients enjoy consuming are not the best for your oral health. Before summer comes to an end, we want to share some healthy foods that you can add to your diet that can help keep your teeth healthy and happy.

What Your Sensitive Teeth Could Be Telling You

Have you recently found that eating certain temperature foods make you cringe in discomfort? It is not uncommon to feel slight discomfort from time to time when eating extremely cold or hot foods such as ice cream or hot coffee. However, when it becomes routine and happens frequently, this may be a sign that you are dealing with sensitive teeth. Patients often assume sensitive teeth are a normal part of aging and don’t realize that experiencing tooth sensitivity is a warning sign to a number of issues. Continue reading to learn what conditions you might be experiencing.

How To Be Prepared For A Dental Emergency This Summer

Are you excited for summer? Summer is a time for relaxation and often a change in routine for many adults and children. Days and nights are enjoyed with family and friends, children are celebrating being out of school, and vacations are a welcome change of pace. Children and adults alike spend more time outdoors playing in the pool, visiting the beach, hiking at a favorite park, or taking a leisurely bike ride. With all of the outdoor play and change of pace, there is the potential of a dental emergency. We want our patients to be aware of tips that can help them remain calm if an emergency should arise. Read on to learn more.

Tooth Replacement Option

Are you unhappy with the state of your teeth? Are you struggling to eat certain foods or constantly self-conscious due to missing teeth? You are not alone. If you are suffering from missing teeth, there are a large number of Americans in the same boat as you. It is estimated that over 178 million Americans are suffering from this condition. It is time for your unhappiness and struggling to come to an end with a life-changing restoration option. Read on to learn more about this popular treatment.

6 Gift Ideas Perfect For Anyone On Your List

December has arrived, meaning that we are in the thick of planning for the holiday season. Nothing is more exciting than finding the perfect gift for your loved ones during this special time. Although celebrations may look a little different this year, with gifts possibly being opened from afar, that doesn’t mean that gift giving should be any less thoughtful. At Integrity Dental, we love getting into the holiday spirit and have created a list of gift giving ideas perfect for any of your loved ones this season! Read on to learn more.